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6 Steps For Getting Back To Recovery After Relapse

November 14, 2020 By EHN

Written by Evan Newton, Counsellor at Bellwood Health Services. I work as a counsellor in Bellwood’s residential addiction program, helping patients set the foundations for their recoveries, and then helping them transfer into their lives in the community. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had several phone calls from recently graduated patients, or their family members, telling me that they are struggling to stay in recovery, and asking for guidance [...]


Addiction Treatment And Recovery In A Time Of Social Distancing And Coronavirus

November 14, 2020 By EHN

Times are strange. With the constantly developing national and global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, people with addiction and mental health disorders may experience unique challenges with self-quarantine and isolation. We’ve had many calls to our Admissions Counsellors to discuss our infection prevention plan and learn about the precautionary measures that we’re taking to protect our patients in addiction treatment from coronavirus. People are concerned. The media is both helpful and harmful. [...]


Five Reasons Why Aftercare Is Essential For Sustaining Your Recovery

November 13, 2020 By EHN

Addiction and substance abuse can have devastating consequences for people’s lives. People often get fired from their jobs, have serious conflicts with their families and friends, and lose control of their finances. Problems with substance abuse often escalate when abusing a substance becomes a person’s primary way of coping with life’s difficulties and challenges. This can easily become a vicious cycle that develops into active addiction: substance abuse creates more [...]

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