Here are some of the process steps you may encounter when you sign up for one of our customized programs.


Our admissions process is confidential and discreet. Our team will ask you questions about your needs and circumstances, and address your questions and concerns.

Program Design

We explore the medical, psychological, and social factors that contribute to your addiction. We then design a customized treatment program that prepares you for your recovery.

Detox & Stabalization

Our doctors and nurses supervise the detoxification process, using medication as required to ensure your safety and comfort.

Residential Treatment

Inpatient treatment ensures a private structured environment that minimizes distractions and removes triggers and barriers to success.

Family Participation

Our family program provides education to your loved ones, so they can effectively support you in your recovery.

Recovery Planning

A detailed recovery plan to thrive after treatment.

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Aftercare is critical for successful, long-term recovery. As part of your treatment, one year of aftercare is included (at no additional cost) upon completion of your program.

We also provide the option of online aftercare through EHNOnline so you can access the support you need to maintain recovery, wherever you are.

Funding Your Treatment

Sandstone is a private treatment centre that offers many ways to fund recovery, including through your employer benefits program. One of our admissions counsellors will walk you through our fees and the available payment options.

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