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Comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment programs

Comprehensive assessments evaluate the full range of medical, psychological, and social factors that could be related to a person’s addiction. This detailed knowledge and understanding is necessary for designing individualized treatment programs that effectively address each patient’s unique needs and best prepare each patient for successful long-term recovery.


Detox is the process through which a patient completely stops using drugs. Detox must be medically supervised, because many drugs have withdrawal symptoms that can be very uncomfortable or dangerous.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs require that patients live at the treatment facility during the program, sleeping there at night. Residential treatment ensures a safe, private, structured environment, and minimizes distractions and triggers. It also allows 24/7 observation and care for patients who need it.

Family program

Our family program provides education for patients’ families so that they can effectively support their loved ones in recovery.

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Admissions process

When you call Sandstone and start a conversation, we focus on getting you the help that you need. We’ll ask you questions about yourself to understand your unique needs and challenges. We’ll answer your questions so that you understand all the available options and can confidently decide which treatment program is the best for you. If you choose to enrol in one of Sandstone’s programs, admission can be scheduled as early as the same day—we want to start helping you as soon as we can.

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Employee benefits

Many employee benefit plans cover Sandstone’s residential treatment programs for alcohol and drug addiction. Ask your insurance provider to find out if you’re covered.


EHN Canada is partnered with PayPright to offer you loan packages to help pay for your treatment at Sandstone or other EHN Canada facilities. Paybright’s interest rates are lower than most credit cards and healthcare cards. You can find more information on PayBright’s website.