Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

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Program Pillars

Assessment and program design

We explore the medical, psychological, and social factors that contribute to a person’s addiction. We then design a custom treatment program that prepares patients for successful long-term recovery.


Our doctors and nurses supervise the detoxification process, using medication as needed, to ensure our patients are safe and comfortable.

Residential treatment

Residential treatment ensures a private, structured environment that minimizes distractions and triggers.

Family program

Our family program provides education for patients’ families so that they can effectively support their loved ones in recovery.

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Our admissions process is confidential, private, and discreet. We have compassionate experts available to help you find the right program designed to fit your life.

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Funding Your Stay

Sandstone is a private facility, but there are many ways to fund treatment. One of our admissions counsellors can help you find a way that works for you.

Employee Benefits

Many employee benefit plans cover EHN Canada’s residential treatment programs for alcohol and drug addiction. Call us now at 1-587-350-6818 and tell us the name of your employer and your insurance provider—we’ll help you figure out if you’re covered!


EHN Canada is partnered with PayPright to offer you loan packages to help pay for your treatment at Sandstone or other EHN Canada facilities. Paybright’s interest rates are lower than most credit cards and healthcare cards. You can find more information on PayBright’s website.